I am a wood-centric multi-material sculptor. I create multi-axis wood forms that I embellish with other materials such as glass, metal, polymer clay & the odd bowling ball. I define my sculpture as "semi-abstract narrative art" where what you see is story or title-driven. Even such simple items as bowls are planned & executed so as to have the viewer experience "bowl" in a way that is more than a container for fruit or cereal.


My main tool of choice in this process is the lathe, where I use multi-axis techniques to make shapes that don't occur with traditional turning practices...the drama of wood chips flying off a chunk of wood held precariously on the lathe is intoxicating to me. In addition, I almost always use a flame process, whether it’s the subtlety of pyrography or the brute force of a propane torch before adding other materials & layers of color.


Woods' organic nature can add an element of surprise & opportunity. Despite all planning, cracks may open up unexpectedly, bark chips off, or an inclusion appears when the wood is carved. All of these force me to adapt continually & to see possibilities in potential disaster. Since nearly 100% of the wood I use is green (freshly cut) & local, I have plenty of opportunity to play with those possibilities since green wood will "move" until it stabilizes due to drying. Also, my practice is environmentally sound as this wood is normally relegated to the dump as garbage.


Finally, I believe that art should be easily accessible to anyone who has an interest. To that end, I teach classes & participate in public demonstrations & community outreach projects in the Los Angeles area. No artist ever exists in a vacuum & it is my pleasure to share what I have learned from my guides & mentors.